ferris plock and kelly tunstall @ 111 minna

Swing by 111 Minna tomorrow evening, May 1 from 6pm on, to catch the Greatest Show On Earth, Ferris Plock and Kelly Tunstall style. This painting duo has teamed up yet again, this time to bring you "Circus," an exhibition of large-scale paintings that explores circus life, journeys, innocence, and artifice.

The balancing act of Kelly Tunstall's stylish pixies and Ferris Plock's adorable monsters, alongside each of their ever-evolving textural styles, continues to please the crowds. The true show-stopper, though, takes place when these two artistic acrobats get wed (yes, married!) in the midst of the show a couple days after the opening.

The main attraction is invite-only, but you can certainly congratulate the two on their collaboration, in art and life, Thursday night @ 111 Minna.


sirron norris earth day paintings

Sirron Norris painted live in downtown San Francisco on Earth Day, creating these fun and colorful buildings from recycled wood. Now they can be yours through the magic of the Internet -- just email us!

Everybody loves a donut shop, so who wouldn't want to own one? "Donut Shop" by Sirron Norris, acrylic on wood, 5.25in. x 6.5in., US$ 350.

misc. 3D buildings by Sirron Norris, acrylic on wood, vary in size but about 2.5in. x 3.5in. x 1.75in., US$ 125 each, US$ 450 for 4, US$ 800 for the set.


more ursula young pieces

Ursula Young returned from Brazil with a tan, a hangover, and these four nice-sized pieces for our viewing pleasure. "Between Raindrops and Sun" (16in. x 18.25in.), acrylic on wood and priced at US$ 450, is the original of a new giclee print so you can also have a copy of it for only US$ 40. Email us for further details.

"After The Storm" by Ursula Young, acrylic on wood, 11in. x 24 in., US$ 450

"Tattoo Rose" and "Star Vine" by Ursula Young, ink on paper, 11in. x 22in. US$ 300 each.


heavy hitterz manila

Next Saturday, May 3, Heavy Hitterz Manila lands on the shores of the Philippine Islands with another dope group art show, opening at Pablo Gallery in Quezon City.

Building on the success of the first Heavy Hitterz show in San Francisco, curator duo Hush Hush Arts aka painters gaNyan and Phoneticontrol have brought back 45 of the international artists (plus a few more) for a month-long exhibition in Metro Manila's contemporary art district.

Opening night will feature a block party; live painting by gaNyan, Phoneticontrol, and Tenfold; music by Mike Boo; and an international art scene that is guaranteed to be hot! If you can't make it, stay tuned for more info on viewing and purchasing art from the show, including undoubtedly amazing pieces from the likes of Ursula Young, Reuben Rude, David Choong Lee, Jenn Porreca, Marikina, Mildred, Grant Gilliland, Gem, Dre Sibayan, Johnny Siu, and of course, gaNyan and Phoneticontrol.


8 new 8 by 8s

We didn't plan this serendipitous numeric convergence, so we are very pleased to present eight new 8x8 paintings available at fabric8! Isn't that gr8?

First up are two new pieces by Erik Otto, whose paintings seem to fly out the door. One of these is already taken (the one on the right), so grab up "Water" while you can, for US$200.

Brett Amory didn't keep us waiting too long for another pair of lovely "Waiting" oils for US$150 each.

Daniel Fleres and Andy Stattmiller each brought in another painting in their signature styles, as always priced to move at US$125 and US$100, respectively.

Ben Collison busts out some Deadly Luv with these two femme fatales, yours for only US$100 each.


david choong lee + friends : live @ fabric8 pieces

Here are pix of the available pieces produced at David Choong Lee + friends: live @ fabric8.

The first two are solo works, painted on a cigar box (6.5in X 9.25in) and on a wine crate (19.5in X 13in.), priced at US$420 and US$1500.

The third painting is on a wine crate (19.5in X 13in.) in collaboration with artists Nathan Stapley and Joe White, also priced at US$1500.

The last four cigar box collaborations include Phoneticontrol (6in. X 8in.), Romanowski (6in. X 6.75in.), Nate1 (6.75in. X 9.75in.), and Sean Somers (9.25in. X 6.5in.), respectively. These are US$400 each.

Email us or come by the shop for more information or to purchase.


4.20 fun : david choong lee + friends

Thanks to everyone who came through last Sunday for David Choong Lee + friends -- it was a blazing good time! The sun was shining, the wind was NOT blowing, and the cast of characters was all-star, including DJs Marcella, Rascue, Similak Chyld, and Satva plus artists Andy Stattmiller, Ben Collison, Brett Amory, Brian Barneclo, Daniel Fleres, Erik Otto, gaNyan, Grant Gilliland, Hugh d'Andrade, Jesse Hernandez, Joe White, Kim Cogan, Mildred, Nate 1, Nathan Stapley, Reuben Rude, Romanowski, Sean Somers, and Sirron Norris.

Photos of the finished products are forthcoming, but for now here's a preview of the goods and a fun video of the afternoon, courtesy of gaNyan, whose Heavy Hitterz Manila show opens on May 3!


nate 1 : old school and new skool

Graffiti artist and graphic designer Nate1 has made his name in today's streetwear market as the producer of New Skool, the dope classic kiddie line and adult tees/hoodies that originated the headphones graphic.

But back in the day, Nate1 rolled with San Francisco's legendary MPC crew, hitting up Psycho City and other hotspots when he should've been home studying for his SATs. He's outgrown his rebellious side but never the super-tight graffiti style that helped define that early generation of street art.

He doesn't paint live often, but you can catch Nate1 this Sunday @ fabric8 along with David Choong Lee. Come through to check how fine art meets street on an upper echelon.


johnny siu

Johnny Siu aka Thylacine Graphics is a San Francisco illustrator and aesthete who occasionally brings by darkly darling drawings on perfectly-packaged paper or subtly-stained surfaces. He also decorates the city streets with flowery wheatpastes asking "Where are all my thylacines?"

"Pascale" (US$ 165), "Tina" (US$ 110), and "Valerie's Reverie" (US$145) make up the latest batch of pieces by Johnny Siu available at fabric8. Email us for larger images or to purchase.


new ursula young pieces

Ursula Young dropped off these small, pretty pictures (priced at US$ 120-140) on her way to A Cidade Maravilhosa, sometimes known as Rio de Janeiro, for an undoubtedly fabulous three-week excursion.

Ursula has been providing fabric8 with a steady supply of beauteous art, tees, and accessories for about 4 years now. Her ladies and cityscapes look especially nice in our Mission District shop, while her mural that graces our walls holds up exceedingly well. Assuming she doesn't decide to stay in Brazil, more is on the way.


david choong lee + friends @ fabric8 on 4.20

Join us @ fabric8 for the first of our 2008 fun-in-the-sun art events, featuring David Choong Lee + friends (so far Romanowski, Sirron Norris, Phoneticontrol, Nathan Stapley, and graf legend Nate1) on Sunday, April 20, 1-5pm.

David Choong Lee is a truly talented artist (not to mention a good DJ) who passes on the skills of the trade to his students at the Academy of Art University. Hailing from Seoul, Korea, he initially came to San Francisco to study there. The school quickly realized he should be a teacher, not a student(!), and took him on. His amazing ability to render portraits and landscapes in a fine art manner has lent itself to his unique take on street art.

David Choong Lee and Mars-1 are preparing a two-man show for Bucheon Gallery (Hayes Valley SFO) in May, so catch him @ fabric8 next week for a preview of the mastery. All of the works created at the event will be available at affordable prices -- don't sleep!


new brian barneclo website

Brian Barneclo has just completed a brand-new website, chock full of his paintings, murals, and design projects in still and video. We also get insight into his world philosophy via hand-picked quotes from luminaries such as Buddha, Carl Jung, Martin Luther King Jr., John Belushi, and Yoda. Big ups to SF music/web veteran Dan Prothero (Fog City Productions) for the clean and easy design.

Check back often to keep up with this crazy cool artist -- who has a show coming up with Romanowski @ Upper Playground May 8 -- as well as purchase his artwork via yours truly.


party arty this weekend

Big fans of serendipity, we were delighted to realize that this weekend brings THREE (count 'em!) events focused on urban art, including one stop @ fabric8. They're scheduled at different times so, if you're in the mood to party arty, you can do it all!

24th And Mission Art Walk:: Saturday, April 5, 6-9pm Our friends/neighbors at the Little Tree Gallery have coordinated the first-ever evening gallery stroll in our cultured 'hood. Participating venues include Receiver Gallery, Eleanor Harwood Gallery, Triple Base, and more.

fabric8 will simultaneously be hosting the Art Walk and a Loveslap! Recordings Listening Party, where you can be the FIRST to hear the recently completed full-length albums by Galaxy Group (aka Charles Spencer and Capitol A), Movido (aka Charles Spencer and Mauricio Aviles), and Spencer Gray (aka Charles Spencer and Marc-Alan Gray). Bid a farewell to Charles Spencer as he heads on to Chicago ... then Brazil!

How We Do @ Club Six:: Friday, April 4, 7pm-2am The creators of last fall's dope Heavy Hitterz show are back with an "art and music mash-up" and launch party for Heavy Hitterz Manila. Featuring DJs, live audio and visual performances, and 40 pieces priced at only $200, this one-night only event is sure to please. Check out works by Ursula Young, Grant Gilliland, Mildred, gaNyan, Phoneticontrol, Johnny Siu, Daniel Fleres, and more. Free before 9PM, $5 after.

Cultured! Lower Haight Gallery Walk:: Friday, April 4, 7-10pm GenArt has teamed up with Upper Playground, Lower Haters, and D-Structure to bring you an evening gallery crawl featuring art, music, and, of course, free booze. Visit our friends in the 'hood from whence we came and also say hello to Brian Barneclo and Romanowski painting live @ Lower Haters.

santos shelton

Up-and-coming Bay Area artist Santos Shelton brought by these two amazing pieces, which include collage, spray paint, and brushwork, all done in the space of a small 8x8 canvas for only US$ 125. Heavily influenced by graffiti, manga, cartoons, and comics as well as by the cultures of his mixed background, his work is an honest and raw expression of his personal obstacles and political views as a person of Mexican and African-American descent.

We've seen his artistry evolve in the short time since we met him at the Heavy Hitterz show, so we recommend you keep an eye on this one.

grant gilliland on sf station tv

Grant Gilliland aka The Gross Uncle is a ridiculously talented (as well as talented in the ridiculous) young artist whose paintings and Sharpie masterpieces have been gracing the walls of fabric8 and our patrons for the better part of a year now. You may have also seen his illustrations in the SF Weekly or at sunny Dolores Park, where he hosts his monthly Team Draw parties in the summertime.

Our old Interweb colleagues at SF Station have now gotten their hands on him to decorate their weekly entertainment guide, a post previously held by none other than Ursula Young, who did a painting collaboration with Grant at fabric8's (1)2-Year Anniversary Party. Check out this nice little interview on SF Station TV.

next door, honolulu

Apologies for the mini-hiatus in bringing you fabric8-related fun ... we were busy eating coconuts, chasing a small white ball around lush acreage, soaking in sun, and otherwise gallivanting around the paradise known as the island of Oahu, Hawaii.

We also managed to visit the lovely Contemporary Art Museum as well as this gem of an urban hotspot:: the club called Next Door, located @ 43 Hotel Street in Chinatown, Honolulu. Opened in 2005 by SF club veteran Chris Kahunahana (aka Mr. Brown Presents), Next Door has helped to elevate this city district into the center for music, art, and culture.

Next time you're in Oahu, be sure to reserve at least one night for an island-style dose of clublife -- no coat check! Big shouts out to our Honolulu peeps:: Chris Kahunahana, Lacey, Mad Lofa, Jen Loustalot, Alika, Lia, and Exclusive Boutique.