david choong lee + friends : live @ fabric8 pieces

Here are pix of the available pieces produced at David Choong Lee + friends: live @ fabric8.

The first two are solo works, painted on a cigar box (6.5in X 9.25in) and on a wine crate (19.5in X 13in.), priced at US$420 and US$1500.

The third painting is on a wine crate (19.5in X 13in.) in collaboration with artists Nathan Stapley and Joe White, also priced at US$1500.

The last four cigar box collaborations include Phoneticontrol (6in. X 8in.), Romanowski (6in. X 6.75in.), Nate1 (6.75in. X 9.75in.), and Sean Somers (9.25in. X 6.5in.), respectively. These are US$400 each.

Email us or come by the shop for more information or to purchase.

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