brian barneclo tiki

This ceramic tiki is super-fresh! Created by Tiki Farm in a limited edition of 300 in 2006, it stands 9.5in. x 5in. and has been re-painted and styled by the one and only Brian Barneclo. It's priced at US$ 350 -- email us if you're interested.

sirron norris

Sirron Norris is quite busy these days promoting his recently-completed SF Heart Installation along with some independent consulting projects, but he did have time to bust out these small but powerful paintings for fabric8, two of which have already sold.
untitled, acrylic on canvas, 6in. x 4in., US$ 100
untitled, acrylic on canvas, 4in. x 6in.
untitled, acrylic on canvas, 7in. x 5in.
untitled, acrylic on canvas, 5in. x 7in., US$ 125
untitled, acrylic on canvas, 5in. x 7in., US$ 125


fabric8 (1)3-year anniversary party

You are cordially invited to help us celebrate our (1)3-Year Anniversary on Saturday, February 7, 1-7PM @ fabric8, 3318 22nd Street near Valencia.

That's right, 13 years ago we launched fabric8.com as a one-stop website for independent artists and designers. It won lots of awards, was featured in a dozen web design and fontography books, and offered unique clothing and accessories from over 150 small businesses.

In 2006, we opened the boutique/gallery in San Francisco's Mission District and began to showcase the many talented painters and illustrators that the city has to offer.

We are so grateful for the support of customers, artists, clothing makers, graphic designers, record labels, accessory companies, writers, and friends throughout the years and we'd like to celebrate. Please join us!

geoff campen

We're happy to introduce the work of Geoff Campen aka Hans, an SF architect and fabric8 customer who has been painting surreal architectural landscapes for many years. He has no formal art training but has been drawing and sketching his entire life, including funny-looking house plans and elevations from the age of 10.

He brought in this set of 8in. x 8in. collage and oil pieces that are available separately at US$ 125 each or together for US$ 450. They're clean, visually-stimulating, and pretty damn neat.


sean chapman

Artist and illustrator Sean Chapman offers this new untitled digital painting, which measures 18in. x 18in. and is mounted impeccably on a ready-to-hang obsidian boxframe. Priced at US$ 350 and only the third of its kind, you can easily snatch one up ... and while you're at it, why not consider his matching new print of the ever-popular "Tosca" piece? Email us for more info.


ursula young

The ever-prolific Ursula Young brought by these new pieces of all size and style. As always, the work is lovely and the price is right.
"Can't See The Sun For The Clouds", acrylic on board, 12in. x 12in., US$ 250
"SF Victorians", acrylic on canvas, 4in. x 12in., US$ 180
"Last Of The Autumn Light", acrylic on canvas, 4in. x 12in., US$ 180
"Fresh Produce", framed ink on paper, 5in. x 5in., US$ 90
"The Peacock Lady", acrylic on board, 5in. x 5in., US$ 90
"Queen Of The Monarchs", acrylic on board, 18in. x 24in., US$ 600

nome edonna

Happy new year (calendar and lunar)! And apologies for the absence ... we're back and have lots of new art plus our (1)3th Anniversary Party on February 7 so stay tuned.

First up, one of our favorites Nome Edonna dropped off these recent pieces. For those unfamiliar with the talent, Nome is a self-taught painter who has been gracing streets and gallery walls with his surreal stylings for many years. If you frequent the Mission District, you have probably noticed big stains and spots on sidewalks that have been re-painted into pieces of art. That is the work of Nome.

He has also shown in galleries and salons like 111 Minna and is part of the Convergence book crew along with Damon Soule, Mars-1, David Choong Lee, Brett Amory, and Oliver Vernon. Here are the four small paintings he brought in. Email us for more info.
"Autumn Portrait", oil on wood, 6in. x 8in., US$ 350
"Sidewalks in Space #5", collage and acrylic on wood, 5.5in. x 8.5in., US$ 350
"Sidewalks in Space #6", collage and acrylic on wood, 6in. x 6in., US$ 350
"Sidewalks in Space #7", collage and acrylic on wood, 7.5in. x 11.5in., US$ 350