in and out like a ninjagrl

These latest paintings by Seattle-based artist Ninjagrl didn't even last one weekend in our gallery so here's evidence that they were even here. Catch the next batch if you can!

Ninjagrl, "Her Littlest Baby", acrylic on panel, 12in. x 6in., SOLD

Ninjagrl, "Kneetop", acrylic on panel, 12in. x 6in., SOLD

Ninjagrl, "Close Encounter", acrylic on panel, 6in. x 12in., SOLD

dawn of the decade by ursula x young

"Dawn of the Decade" by Ursula X Young was brought to us a little while ago, and we definitely file it in the "masterpiece" category. It has a lovely color palette and many of the elements we love to see in her work: cityscape, flowers, butterflies, and a beautiful lady with striking eyes. It measures 12in. x 36 in. and is priced at US$ 1200. We wonder what lucky person will take it home.


supernatural opening

Come to fabric8 Galleries next Saturday, April 17, 7-10PM, for the opening of our first juried show SuperNatural. Featuring a dozen artists who have never before shown in our larger galleries, the group exhibition features human interpretations of natural phenomena, from brilliant fauna and flora to esoteric mind and space. Please join us.


systems mural project launch party

Come to our launch party for Brian Barneclo's latest and greatest mural project, which will be the largest public work in San Francisco. It will also be your last chance to see his solo show "Systemic" in person, so don't miss it.

Your $20 event donation will give you two tickets for food or drink from Sessions Syrah, Pizza Hacker, Soul Cocina, and Creme Brulee Cart. $20 Raffle tickets are also available to win a bottle of wine, a $50 gift certificate to Nopa Restaurant, or a piece of Brian Barneclo's artwork.

ursula x young pieces

Ursula X Young continues to stay busy painting for group and solo shows, here at fabric8 and elsewhere, but she always finds time to bring by one-off pieces for the front, rotating gallery. This time she gives us the entire spectrum of sizes, from 12in x 6in. to 40in. x 30in., so we think there will be something you like!

Ursula X Young, "Decadence", acrylic on panel, 12in. x 6in. US$ 180

Ursula X Young, "Of Darkness And Joy", acrylic on canvas, 8in. x 24in. US$ 400

Ursula X Young, "Contemplating The Fabric Of The Universe", acrylic on canvas, 12in. x 36in. US$ 980

Ursula X Young, "Kissing Under A Thousand Moons", acrylic on wood, 40in. x 30in. US$ 1400

chamber made

Chamber Made is the moniker of collab duo Leon Loucheur and Mike Gallegos. The artists and long-time friends had been riffing off each other for awhile but last year decided to delve further into the team effort. With Loucheur providing the realist angle and Gallegos bringing the graffiti sensibility, their pieces evoke a modern balance that most anyone can appreciate.

These two acrylic and graphite pieces, "We All Owe A Death" (top) and "Lonesome West" (bottom), arrived at fabric8 Galleries a little while ago, and "We All Owe A Death" is still available for US$ 250. Email us for more info, and look out for these guys at a gallery near you.