erik otto show @ doma nyc

If you're in New York City March 23 through April 24, visit Doma Cafe and Gallery on 17 Perry Street @ 7th Avenue to view Erik Otto's solo show. There's a nice mix of new and recent works and you can enjoy food and drinks while you peruse the collection. There is a small opening tonight from 7-10PM as well, so say hello to Mr. Otto.


new geoff campen 8x8s

Geoff Campen strikes again with a new set of surreal architectural paintings that are out of this world despite having elements from within it. These 8in. x 8in. pieces are a mix of oil painting and geometric collage from miscellaneous buildings. They're US$ 150 each -- a price that even humans can afford.

small and smaller by ursula young

Here are some recent, colorful paintings from the one and only Ursula Young, just in time for Spring. They vary in size from 4in. x 4in. to 12in. x 12in., so whether you're looking for small or really small, one of these just might be for you! Email us for more info.
"Yuba River Dreaming I", acrylic on board, 12in. x 12in., US$ 380
"Yuba River Dreaming II", acrylic on board, 12in. x 12in., US$ 380
"Lonely Hearts Club", acrylic on board, 10in. x 8in., US$ 180
"Bubbles Darling I" and "Bubbles Darling II", acrylic on canvas, 12in. x 4in., US$ 220 each
"Blissed", acrylic on canvas, 4in. x 4in., US$ 90
"Forgiven", acrylic on canvas, 4in. x 4in., US$ 90
"Smitten", acrylic on canvas, 4in. x 4in., US$ 90


back in the day

Mark your calendars for our next event: Saturday, March 21 from 7-10PM. It's an art opening for "Back In The Day", a group art show featuring a dozen artists reminiscing on their days of old.

We're looking forward to some old school references from the likes of Reuben Rude, Nomzee, Romanowski, Nate1, and more. Above is a sampling of Ursula Young's piece, "Back In The Day On The 400 Block". Should be a fun one, plus it's Olivia's almost birthday party, so come on over!


brian barneclo 8x8s

Brian Barneclo gives us a little taste of his latest stylings with these subtly complex 8in. x 8in canvases. Revisiting his love of music and the people who make it, these seemingly simple paintings of a guitarist and percussionist manage to continue pulling you in to appreciate the use of line and color. Certainly small treasures, these instant classics are priced at US$ 150.


transamerica building by nate1

If you're a fan of Nate1, his pixelated paintings, and San Francisco, this new little guy is right up your alley. In addition to his series on the MUNI trains and buses, he's also been doing these paintings of SF's beloved icon, the Transamerica Building. Painted with acrylic on wood, and measuring 6in. x 5.5in., it's a deal at US$ 75. Holla if you like it.