8 new 8 by 8s

We didn't plan this serendipitous numeric convergence, so we are very pleased to present eight new 8x8 paintings available at fabric8! Isn't that gr8?

First up are two new pieces by Erik Otto, whose paintings seem to fly out the door. One of these is already taken (the one on the right), so grab up "Water" while you can, for US$200.

Brett Amory didn't keep us waiting too long for another pair of lovely "Waiting" oils for US$150 each.

Daniel Fleres and Andy Stattmiller each brought in another painting in their signature styles, as always priced to move at US$125 and US$100, respectively.

Ben Collison busts out some Deadly Luv with these two femme fatales, yours for only US$100 each.

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