ferris plock and kelly tunstall @ 111 minna

Swing by 111 Minna tomorrow evening, May 1 from 6pm on, to catch the Greatest Show On Earth, Ferris Plock and Kelly Tunstall style. This painting duo has teamed up yet again, this time to bring you "Circus," an exhibition of large-scale paintings that explores circus life, journeys, innocence, and artifice.

The balancing act of Kelly Tunstall's stylish pixies and Ferris Plock's adorable monsters, alongside each of their ever-evolving textural styles, continues to please the crowds. The true show-stopper, though, takes place when these two artistic acrobats get wed (yes, married!) in the midst of the show a couple days after the opening.

The main attraction is invite-only, but you can certainly congratulate the two on their collaboration, in art and life, Thursday night @ 111 Minna.

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