inside outside closing reception friday

If you haven't yet seen the Inside Outside show featuring Daniel James Burt and Romanowski, you must come to our closing reception tomorrow, July 30, 6-10PM.

It will coincide with Taco Madness, a special Street Food Fridays featuring Adobo Hobo, Magic Curry Kart, Soul Cocina, and Sweet Constructions so you can satisfy both your cultural and culinary appetites in one place.

You can also view it online or visit our galleries before the show closes next Monday, August 2.

Special thanks to EcoSalon for the recent write-up on the show!


multifarious tendencies

Friday, August 6, 7-10PM marks the opening of our next exhibition, a group show called Multifarious Tendencies with artists Adam Flores, Brett Amory, Micke Tong, and Kevin Earl Taylor and curated by Sandra Silvoy.

While different in style and background, these artists translate a mutual concern for the particularities of human tendency. Touchstones of the human experience arise in combining these multifarious tendencies.

Brett Amory was born in Portsmouth, Virginia and moved to San Francisco in 1996 to study motion pictures at the Academy of Art. After one drawing class, he switched his major to fine art and started his first body of work called “Waiting,” a series of paintings about the anticipation of the next moment, which he still continues to paint today.

Adam Flores illustratively analyzes and illuminates contemporary issues that are often questioned but rarely answered -- religion, mortality, society, consumption, and the improbable acquisition of the American Dream. He holds a BFA from Academy of Art University.

Kevin Earl Taylor holds a BFA from The Savannah College of Art and Design and has exhibited throughout the United States as well as internationally. Primarily an oil painter, he has lately been exploring animals and other subject matter that people consider sacred.

Micke Tong perceives art as his way of assimilating into humanity. Much of his work reinterprets life and does so through unusual use of color, shape, and transparency. In his latest series, he builds three dimensional landscapes that have graphical pop-art sensibilities with underlying narrations that touch upon current events, politics, religion and sociology. He holds a BFA in New Media Arts from Academy of Art University and is the Art Director for Computers & Structures, Inc.

Curator Sandra Silvoy recently earned a degree in Art History/Art Management from the University of San Francisco. She has worked with White Walls, Art Business, KQED, KALW, and Electric Works.

Multifarious Tendencies will be on exhibit from August 6 through August 30, 2010.


shepard fairey's mr. spray

Our good buddies at STRANGEco have teamed up with the infamous Shepard Fairey to produce this limited edition vinyl toy, Mr. Spray. Only 26 places in the world are carrying it, and we happen to be one of them! They're US$ 85 each, so hurry on over or give us a call to order because they probably won't last long.


audio visual

Come on by next Friday, July 23, 7-10PM, for our latest show called Audio Visual, featuring a collection of works honoring one of art and artists' most beloved companions, music. Eight of our usual partners in crime are participating in the show, and it's going to be a fun one.

We'll also be having our usual Street Food Fridays so get ready to feast, not just your eyes, but your mouth as well on the culinary artistry of Soul Cocina, Toasty Melts, Pearl's Kitchen, and Sweet Constructions. We hope to see you!


inside outside

Please join us next Saturday, July 10, 7-10PM, for the opening of our biggest show to date, Inside Outside, featuring indoor and outdoor works in our brand-new sculpture garden by Daniel James Burt and Romanowski in collaboration with Flora Grubb Gardens.

Exploring the concept of “inside” beauty being brought outside, and vice versa, this collection of sculpture and assemblage features work that is both organic and man-made. Plant life inhabits art in living, growing pieces throughout the existing gallery, while artwork makes it way outdoors into our recently-expanded garden.

Daniel James Burt is a San Francisco-based sculptor whose intuitive style integrates mixed media to create installations and stand-alone sculptures. His use of body parts to create a series of landscapes as a means of portraiture garnered a commission that rests alongside a Ruth Asawa sculpture. He has a BFA from the University of New Mexico as well as an MFA from Academy of Art University, where he currently teaches graduate level Figure Modeling and Anatomy.

Romanowski is a Swiss-born artist, musician, and DJ who has made San Francisco his home since 1988. His keen sense of style and extraordinary talent for vintage shopping has made him one of the most sought-after DJs and collectibles hustlers this side of Zurich. His artwork includes top-notch spray stencil pieces and found object assemblages that are coveted by music and design aficionados around the world.

Inside Outside will be on exhibit from July 2 through August 2. Don't miss it.