fabric8 landmark show!

Yes, you read correctly. fabric8 is having an art show! And as it IS our landmark show, we decided to feature ... landmarks! It's a group show and guaranteed to be lots of fun, so plan on coming to the opening Saturday, July 12, from 7-10PM.


brian barneclo's interconnected painting

Here's the super-cool finished product from the Brian Barneclo Mural/Painting Party last Sunday. Thanks to everyone who came out for a beautiful afternoon!

Completed in about three hours, the piece is made up of seven ready-to-hang pieces. It can be purchased as a whole for US$ 2000 or as individual paintings ranging in price from US$ 250-600 -- quite a steal! Email us for further information.

new brian barneclo mural

Thanks to Brian Barneclo for creating this beautiful mural for the fabric8 garden. Titled "Tree of Plenty", it's got a great mix of urban and organic, acrylic and wood stain, work and fun! You can visit it every time you come to fabric8 for one of our daytime events. Next up ... the 3rd Annual Mission Vinyl Record Sale & BBQ on Sunday, July 27.

But before that: our FIRST EVER ART SHOW on Saturday, July 12, 7-10PM. Mark your calendars!


brian barneclo @ fabric8 TODAY

Here's a "before" shot of the interconnected painting Brian Barneclo will be creating live at fabric8 today. It's a big sheet of birch that has been cut into 7 pieces (ranging from 12in. x 12in. to 49.5in. x 22in.), framed, and then put back together.

Brian will make one big painting, and you can purchase any part(s) of it you'd like. Neat, huh? Come on down! 1PM on @ fabric8, 22nd Street near Valencia, San Francisco.

Also, peep the amazing new mural in the background of this pic!


c lee sobieski

A little while has passed since C Lee Sobieski last dropped off paintings, but it's certainly been worth the wait! His latest set of 4in. x 4in. and 8in. x 8in. pieces, priced from US$ 100-150, includes some of his signature characters as well as a few new funky creatures. These meticulous works of art are all done freehand so, in addition to being constantly amused by them, you can be endlessly amazed by the super clean lines.

You can have a closer look when you come to fabric8 for the Brian Barneclo Mural/Painting Party tomorrow!


mary had a little lamb

Romanowski has teamed up with Mattel for a super-underground project that's available only at fabric8! Check out this sweet musical toy featuring two classics -- the tune "Mary Had A Little Lamb" and Romanowski's iconic Mickey Mouse image -- in one package for that extra-special tyke in your life (who might be yourself). Drift away to dreamland with this wondrous creation for only US$ 125.


brian barneclo mural in progress

Brian Barneclo has started work on a mural in the fabric8 garden, which will be unveiled during the Brian Barneclo Mural/Painting Party next Sunday, June 22, from 1-5PM.

He will also be painting live a series of interconnected pieces, which will be available for purchase as soon as they're done. There will be recent works for sale, an art give-away, refreshments, and fun, so come on down!

For the past decade, Barneclo has adorned the walls of the Bay Area’s restaurants and streets with his jazzy, colorful murals inspired by life in San Francisco -- NoPa, Puccini & Pinetti, 83 McAllister Street, the SF Bay Guardian Building, the Food Chain Mural @ Foods Co, Escape from New York Pizza (Redwood City), and Rico’s Diner (Oakland). His latest contribution to the city landscape in fabric8’s garden is a mix of urban and organic, combining his trademark street style with a new twist.

Our event coincides with the First Annual Mission Statement Block Party & Fashion Show on Lexington Street between 18th & 19th -- one more reason to visit the sunny Mission next Sunday!

and now a word from our sponsors


lost at sea by erik otto

As we mentioned before, the small pieces that Erik Otto brings by seem to go faster than they come. This time one of them got purchased on the way here -- it never even made it!

Above is the sole survivor, "Lost At Sea", a wonderful 8x8 priced nicely at US$ 200, as well as a little preview of his solo show "Sea Of Change", which opens July 19 @ The Shooting Gallery. Don't miss it.


four squares by ursula young

Ursula Young is in town for her art opening tonight (don't forget!), so she stopped by with four new paintings for fabric8, all as square as they are cool. Have a look::

"Ethereal Calm" by Ursula Young, acrylic on wood, 12in. x 12in., US$ 250
untitled 8x8s by Ursula Young, acrylic on canvas, US$ 140. larger images are viewable here.
untitled by Ursula Young, acrylic on wood, 7in. x 7in., US$ 120


new santos shelton pieces

Santos Shelton completed his piece from painting live at Carnival and also brought along a couple of nice new 8x8s, each of which are inspiring and artistic. "Follow Your Dreams" measures 14in. x 16in. and features collage and paint. It's priced at US$ 300 unframed and US$ 340 framed. Email us for more information and pix.

The 8x8s, entitled "Push Yourself" and "Seize The Day", also mixed media, are US$ 150 and can be better viewed at our online gallery.


june 22 :: brian barneclo @ fabric8

Save the afternoon of June 22 for yet another day of art and culture in San Francisco's sunny Mission District. fabric8 will be hosting the ever-talented Brian Barneclo and several hours of hijinx + extra-curricular activities (more info to follow), while our friends at the Mission Statement fashion co-op on 18th/Valencia are having a block party to celebrate their opening. Art, fashion, music, culture, and fun -- what more could you ask for?

Above is one of the three paintings Brian Barneclo did at last year's event, and it sold for a fraction of its actual worth. You, too, can be as lucky as the couple who scooped this up. Come on down.


romanowski assemblages

We all know that Romanowski is a man of many talents -- artist, DJ, producer, stylist -- yet he never ceases to amaze with his quirky creations. Just the other day he dropped off several naturally dope assemblages and, being the self-referential San Franciscans we are, one -- a tribute to the city's landmarks -- kinda blew us away. You have to come by the shop to really understand it but here are some pix to give you an idea::

untitled by Romanowski, collage and spray paint on wood, 47in. x 6.25in., US$ 450
detail 1
detail 2
untitled by Romanowski, found object assemblage, 8in. x 6in., US$ 250
untitled by Romanowski, found object assemblage, 8in. x 6in., US$ 125


ursula young @ the salon

Saturday evening Ursula Young celebrates the opening of "Stars of the New Revolution", her solo show @ The Salon, a new-ish hair spot on Guerrero in the Mission. Come see new paintings and illustrations around the theme of revolution and, should you find yourself in the spirit, start one of your own with some daring 'do! The reception is 7-9pm on Saturday, June 7 at 377 Guerrero near 16th Street.

vinyl apocalypse @ lower haters

This Friday our friends at Lower Haters are having an opening reception for their Vinyl Apocalypse group art show, featuring artified vinyl records from 35 painters and illustrators including Romanowski (who is also DJing), Ursula Young, Phoneticontrol, Brett Amory, Ben Collison, Leecifer, Eli Maness, and Debbie Huey. Check it out -- 7-11pm on Friday, June 6 on the corner of Haight and Steiner in (where else?) the Lower Haight!


sirron norris mural @ el toreador

If you're looking for a reason to visit the West Portal District in San Francisco, we've got TWO! Sirron Norris just completed a fun and colorful mural of the street for El Toreador, a delicious Mexican restaurant that has been serving the neighborhood for a couple generations. There's often a wait to indulge in the visual and edible delights this festive institution has to offer so, while you do that, you can thoroughly investigate Sirron Norris' new masterpiece. Below is a little preview.

brian barneclo one shots

Ever the ambitious artist, Brian Barneclo uses a plethora of materials and paints to create his jazzy urban pieces. Lately he's been experimenting with 1 Shot Enamel, an oil-based sign paint that's bright and durable ... but doesn't leave room for mistakes. No matter, though; he didn't make any on these amazing new paintings which have also been covered in resin for that extra-shiny finishing touch.

And for those who prefer Barneclo's more raw style, we've got "Janky," which is really anything but that. Somehow the word seems to complete the painting nonetheless.

"Early Bird Speciale" by Brian Barneclo, 1 Shot Enamel and resin on wood, 36in. x 10 in., US$ 750

untitled by Brian Barneclo, 1 Shot Enamel and resin on wood, 36in. x 12 in., US$ 800

"Janky" by Brian Barneclo, acrylic on canvas, 12in. x 12 in., US$ 400