new daniel fleres

Here's a new one by Daniel Fleres, and an arrow through the heart just about explains it. This horned, eared, bowed, hatted, earringed, camouflaged, and hoofed thing is nothing but lovable. You can take bring it home for only US$ 150.

a nation gone crazy by reuben rude

At long last we have a brand-new 8in. x 8in. by Reuben Rude. "A Nation Gone Crazy" features his unique brand of collage and illustration that makes you wonder: "What order did he do that in?" It's priced with a hometown discount at US$ 200, so get it while you can.

more dyno

Here are a couple more fun and funky little doodads from the one called Dyno. Titled "Flirt" (top image) and "Bummer" (bottom image), they are each done with collage and acrylic and evoke their own bit of character. "Flirt" measures 4in. x 4in. and costs US$ 60 while "Bummer" is 6in. x 4in. at US$ 80.

andy stattmiller

Andy Stattmiller brought by two more small pieces for us to feast our eyes upon -- one of them literally. The juicy rendering of the gyro machine (top) is also an homage to a famous painting housed in -- what else?! -- a taqueria, El Farolito in the Mission District SF. Measuring 7in. x 5in., it can be yours for only US$ 80.

The fun little thundercloud (botom image) measures 4in. x 6in. and is priced at US$ 60. Both are painted with acrylic. Email us for more info.