new from ursula young

Here's the latest and the greatest from artist Ursula Young. Featuring her famous Victorians and pretty ladies, they're just another preview of her Open Studios @ fabric8 on October 18-19.
"Winter's Approach" by Ursula Young, acrylic on panel, 16in. x 12in., US$ 300
"Underwater Dreams I" by Ursula Young, acrylic on panel, 10in. x 10in., US$ 200
"Underwater Dreams II" by Ursula Young, acrylic on panel, 10in. x 10in., US$ 200
"Rooftops I" by Ursula Young, acrylic on panel, 4in. x 12in., US$ 175
"Rooftops II" by Ursula Young, acrylic on panel, 4in. x 12in., US$ 175
untitled 3D Victorian sculpture by Ursula Young, acrylic on redwood, SOLD


Recent Bay Area transplant Peabe is a painter, illustrator, and designer whose work is based on life situations. Born and raised in the city of Chicago, he is inspired by the funky and weird people and events he comes across.

We'd love to have experienced these two situations -- "Our Day Off" and "Bring It" are 8in. x 8in. paintings on canvas using acrylic and spray paint. Luckily we can live vicariously through the pieces, available for US$ 150 each.


daily ditcher by daniel fleres

Daniel Fleres takes a bit of departure on this somewhat realist pastoral piece and it's wonderful. "Daily Ditcher" is an 8in. x 8in. painting, acrylic on canvas, with lovely colors and rendering. We particularly like the floating fountain. The price is only US$ 150.


put 'er there by grant gilliland

Grant Gilliland aka The Gross Uncle does it again with a piece that is so weird it's so cute that it's so weird. "Put 'Er There" is an 8in. x 8in. acrylic painting on canvas and features another lovable freak, this time with a cap, funny hairdo, and his heart on his hat AND neck. How could you not love him? He can be yours for US$ 125.


Artist and DJ Duser recently delivered these two 8in. x 8in. paintings done with aerosol, enamel, and acrylic. Heavily influenced by street art, illustration, and graphic design, Duser first came on the scene as a graffiti writer while also getting an education in the arts at Whittier College, NYU, and then SFAI. We first ran across him as far back as 2002 when he created this cool graphic for Trainwreck Industries.

These two pieces are of course available at fabric8, for US$ 150 each. Email us for more info.



Stuter is a talented SoCal-based illustrator and painter who's part of the Speaker Fruits collective. This piece is a dope print on a 10in. x 7in. piece of wood and costs a mere US$ 60. He's also produced two cool tees available at the shop (and hopefully online soon).

ursula young's midsummer's dream

Ursula Young brought by a few pieces from her Midsummer's Dream series and they are beauteous! She never ceases to amaze us with the quality and quantity of her work. Check these out and plan on coming to fabric8 for SF Open Studios featuring Ursula Young on October 18 and 19.
"Dancing In A Summer Storm" by Ursula Young, acrylic on panel, 16in. x 16in. x 2, US$ 700 for the diptych
"Plight of the Urban Fairy" by Ursula Young, acrylic on panel, 18in. x 24in., US$ 550
"SF Bubbles" by Ursula Young, framed ink on paper, 11in. x 14in., US$ 250
"Lily & Bindi" and "Bubble & Strife" by Ursula Young, framed ink on paper, 4in. x 4in., US$ 100 each


andy stattmiller, starving artist

We're not sure if Andy Stattmiller is really starving but he sures seems it with these little paintings of big food. And he makes us pretty hungry, too!

Done in acrylic on canvas, "Hotcake Heaven" and "Bierre Break" are each 8in. x 8in. and US$125 while "Downtown Pastrami Town" is 6in. x 4in. and US$65. The best thing is that you can indulge in these culinary delights and not gain any weight.


axis mundi : new works by ian scalzo

Our next art show, opening September 27, features painter Ian Scalzo and his protagonist Zeppy in their latest adventure, Axis Mundi. Zeppy embarks on a vision quest, takes a magic flower, meets the 3rd Eye Fish, and other fun stuff like that.

Scott Baird of the new-and-improved 15 Romolo in North Beach will be concocting alcholic delights so plan on coming down Saturday, September 27, 7-10PM. The show runs through October 18.

And while you're marking your calendar, please also note that fabric8 will be hosting LitCrawl with the West Marin Review on October 11 and Open Studios with Ursula Young October 18 and 19. Party arty!


sirron norris + ursula young

Here are the results of the Sirron Norris and Ursula Young live collaboration, which was a great success! They created four new pieces including a couple small guys that are extremely well-priced. Hit us up for more info.

Sirron Norris and Ursula Young collab 10, framed pen and ink illustration on archival paper, 12in. x 9in., US$ 220

Sirron Norris and Ursula Young collab 8, acrylic on wood, 20in. x 16in., US$ 850

Sirron Norris and Ursula Young collab 7, acrylic on wood, 12in. x 32in., US$ 900

Sirron Norris and Ursula Young collab 9, acrylic on canvas, 8in. x 8in., US$ 225