grant gilliland + andy stattmiller

Grant Gilliland and Andy Stattmiller are two of the numerous emerging artists we have met and worked with since opening our shop in the Mission. Close buddies and co-graduates of the Columbus College of Art and Design, these guys independently made their way to San Francisco to pursue art. They first showed up at fabric8 together, to present their first self-published book of black-and-white illustrations.

Since then, we've worked with them individually and have had the pleasure of showing and selling many of their pieces. They each have a great sense of color, but most often collaborate and show their black-and-whites.

Below are five pieces (the top two from Grant Gilliland and the bottom three from Andy Stattmiller) they created during our (1)3-Year Anniversary Party. About 5in. x 5in. in size, they're priced at US$ 60 each. Email us for more info.


Dyno's latest creation mixes collage and painting for a fun intertwinement that's both figurative and literal. Measuring 8in. x 8in., these mingling dinosaurs can be yours for US$ 90.


andre karpov

We finally met Andre Karpov, the man behind the murals at Pizzeria Delfina (18th near Guerrero) and Range (Cunningham off Valencia btwn 19th and 20th), who brought by this print of a new watercolor painting of his, titled "She Grew On Me".

Andre has been painting for many years and began his tutelage under a Japanese tea master at the age of 14. He is currently working on an entire body of work so we look forward to seeing more from him.

Meanwhile this print of "She Grew On Me", sized at 19in. x 11in., and another can be yours for only US$ 40.


(1)3-year party pix

Big thanks to everyone who came over to help us celebrate 13 years in business! Here are some of the hotshots::
artist Brian Barneclo, Mary, and Anthony (fabric8)
graf legends Fury and Nate1 (new skool) with Marjorie (Minor Details)
artist Leon Loucheur and friends
Dan O'Rourke and friends
Subtonic Design
Brian Frank and friends
artists Phoneticontrol and Dave Crosland with Kelly
artist Ursula Young and friends
Stef Luna and Jennifer Brown (Gama-Go)


ursula young 8x8s and prints

Ursula Young came down for our (1)3-Year Anniversary Party (pix coming soon!) and dropped off these nice new affordable pieces, including new limited edition giclee prints of two of her big pieces from last year's solo show at Edo.

"Yellow Sunrise", acrylic on canvas, 8in. x 8in., US$ 150

"Lunar", acrylic on canvas, 8in. x 8in., US$ 150

"When I Dream Of San Francisco", limited edition giclee print, 14in. x 11in., US$ 45
"Cidade De Mulheres", limited edition giclee print, 14in. x 11in., US$ 45


johnny siu

Johnny Siu just dropped by these two mounted prints of his strangely cute illustrations. Priced exceedingly well at US$ 45 each, "Acacia" (top image, 9.75in. x 6.75in.) and/or "Ascella" (top image, 9.5in. x 6.25in.) can be yours quite easily.

You can have a closer look at them during our (1)3-Year Anniversary Party tomorrow, which coincides with We Heart The Mission, a midwinter stroll through our neighborhood's shopping district. Come on by!