grant gilliland + andy stattmiller

Grant Gilliland and Andy Stattmiller are two of the numerous emerging artists we have met and worked with since opening our shop in the Mission. Close buddies and co-graduates of the Columbus College of Art and Design, these guys independently made their way to San Francisco to pursue art. They first showed up at fabric8 together, to present their first self-published book of black-and-white illustrations.

Since then, we've worked with them individually and have had the pleasure of showing and selling many of their pieces. They each have a great sense of color, but most often collaborate and show their black-and-whites.

Below are five pieces (the top two from Grant Gilliland and the bottom three from Andy Stattmiller) they created during our (1)3-Year Anniversary Party. About 5in. x 5in. in size, they're priced at US$ 60 each. Email us for more info.

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