party arty this weekend

We're really excited about the Landmark Show, which opens TOMORROW, and there also happen to be three other great shows, featuring some of the Landmark Show artists, to check out tonight!

Romanowski's 10-Year Art Retrospective @ 3rd Street Grill, 397 3rd near Townsend, 6-9PM

Ursula Young's Midsummer's Dream of San Francisco @ Edo Salon, 601 Haight at Steiner, 8-11PM

Grant Gilliland's Touch Base @ Fivepoints Arthouse, 50A Bannam Place near Union, 7-11PM

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fabric8 said...

SO sorry to everyone who has been waiting for the Landmark Show images. We have been locked out of our site for a week now, subject to review as a spam blog, which we obviously are not.

You can see most of the images on our online gallery. http://www.fabric8.com/gallery