ursula x young pieces

Ursula X Young continues to stay busy painting for group and solo shows, here at fabric8 and elsewhere, but she always finds time to bring by one-off pieces for the front, rotating gallery. This time she gives us the entire spectrum of sizes, from 12in x 6in. to 40in. x 30in., so we think there will be something you like!

Ursula X Young, "Decadence", acrylic on panel, 12in. x 6in. US$ 180

Ursula X Young, "Of Darkness And Joy", acrylic on canvas, 8in. x 24in. US$ 400

Ursula X Young, "Contemplating The Fabric Of The Universe", acrylic on canvas, 12in. x 36in. US$ 980

Ursula X Young, "Kissing Under A Thousand Moons", acrylic on wood, 40in. x 30in. US$ 1400

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