creme brulee cart's star arts fundraiser

This Sunday afternoon, October 18 from 2-4PM, we are hosting Creme Brulee Cart's fundraiser for Star Arts, a deeply under-funded creative program for grade school kids in the San Francisco Unified School District.

The Creme Brulee Cart is donating 65 delectable delights to the cause, and you can either buy one, with all profits going to Star Arts, or you can receive one free for bringing in any/all of the following much-needed items::

1. Thick Paper - Watercolor, tag board, mat board
2. Watercolor sets
3. Oil Pastels
4. Printmaking Ink
5. Brayers - Printmaking rollers
6. Styrofoam and paper plates
7. Pipe cleaners
8. Embroidery Thread
9. Embroidery Needles
10. Air Dry Clay
11. Feathers
12. Beads
13. Hot Glue Guns and Glue for guns
14. Scotch tape, double sided tape, masking tape
15. Paint brushes - gently used
16. Acrylic Paint
17. Yarn
18. Long Scissors
19. Glue Sticks, bottled glue
20. Sharpies
21. Tooling foil

Come support another wonderful Creme Brulee Cart campaign, and leave with a happy tummy to boot!

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