oddities & orchestras @ upper playground

If you're a fan of Brian Barneclo and Romanowski -- and we know you are -- stop by Fifty24SF aka the Upper Playground Gallery in the Lower Haight SF for their three-man show with up-and-comer DIA, opening tonight @ 7pm.

Romanowski will undoubtedly blow your mind with his exceptional noodling skills of spray paint, collage, and crafty artistry. He has reportedly cut himself 9 times; gotten 6 metal and 5 wood splinters; inhaled tons of sawdust, fumes, and vapors; and pinched, jabbed, and burned his hands a dozen times -- all for the sake of beauteous art that you can covet, and even own.

Accordingly Brian Barneclo has suffered for his art, and not just to keep up with Romanowski's antics. He's pushed his creative limits and, in addition to his always impressive paintings, come up with something entirely unprecedented from his skilled hands -- amazing sculptures! You have to see it to believe it, so feast your eyes this evening. See you there!

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