dino ignacio aka marikina

We hope you've noticed the dope flyer design for Directions In Sound, which is happening tonight @ 111 Minna (don't forget!). It was created by artist Dino Ignacio aka Marikina, member of the Speaker Fruits art collective and a bit of a legend in certain circles of the indie world.

Marikina has created numerous graphics for Bindlestiff Studios and the piNoisepop Festival plus videos for the Skyflakes and Goh Nakamura, not to mention cool paintings like the one pictured above, a two-sided collaboration with woodworker Simbulan -- yours for only US$ 400!

An all-time favorite, though, is the hilariously funny Maritess vs. Superfriends animation which he created back in the day with Filipino comic Rex Navarette. Here it is for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

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